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Hello and welcome to the Spoken Tutorial Project.  Thank you for your interest in collaborating with our project! Collaborators are our most valuable assets - the work force to build and improve the Spoken Tutorial effort.  Please check out our project's mission statement so that you can direct your efforts effectively and in line with the project's goals.

There are several areas in which you can provide assistance. 

  • Mature Experts lend their expertise in coming up with the outline for the FOSS (the order of the tutorials).
  • Junior Experts write the scripts based on the outline.
  • Novice validates the accuracy of the scripts and creates the spoken tutorials based on the scripts.
  • A reviewer reviews the script / spoken tutorial for accuracy, syntax, etc...
  • A language reviewer reviews the translated script and compares it with the original script to check that the meaning of the content has not changed i.e. the translated script matches the original in content and meaning.

By becoming a contributor, you will also experience personal satisfaction because you made crucial contributions to a noble cause.  The frequency of reviewing, as well as the FOSS to be reviewed can be set according to your own terms and preferences, when you fill the application form..

As a reviewer candidate you will be evaluated and approved based on many criteria, including educational background and professional experience.  Once you are accepted as a reviewer, you will become a part of an elite group of qualified commentators providing expert critiques on the chosen FOSS.

As a language reviewer you will be evaluated and approved based on your expertise in the language.


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